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Protect your future

Asbuilt Decom Ltd provides strategic decision support software for late life platform operations.

Based on solutions developed by the founders in the UK nuclear industry (1996 Sizewell B initially) in collaboration with oil and gas professionals.

Asbuilt offers operators a highly customisable dashboard which can drill down on key strategic and tactical issues:

  • Completeness of drawings and safety documentation
  • Current maintenance backlog
  • Decommissioning readiness – including safety case management
  • Current risks and liabilities associated with a platform
  • Identification of opportunities for work which could or should not be performed to reduce decommissioning costs
  • Supports regulatory compliance and insurance cover by managing risk from systems falling outside their designed performance envelopes

Asbuilt gives operators insight as to the Net Positive Value (NPV) of a given asset and assists them in deciding whether to sell, extend the life of or decommission that asset.

Asbuilt infographic